Want to write a college essay then follow 6 tips


As we know that we want to write a paper term for assessment but we don’t know how to write it? In this situation, we went towards our professor and took some tips for writing. When we are in college we feel shy in asking our doubts, then most of the student must search for some college application essay examples. We have noticed that when we are going to take admission in our favorite college, they earn an entrance test which shows the ability of the students. The admission officer needs that content which is compelling as well as interesting. For making exciting content, you need to select the topic. Now the question is that what to choose?

There is no need to be confused; you can write about your life. The story of your experience may not more than 650 words. It is because selecting the other topic may take lots of time in research. There are some steps which help you in writing.

Punctual of time

Before start writing, you need to make a time table. While writing, we may not get the idea about time. We need to be punctual of time because if you consume lots of time in the book, then you may get habitual of it. That’s why it is essential to be complete your task on time.


For writing the essay on your story, you have to feel nostalgic because you need to think about your past.  While thinking, several thoughts occurred in your mind which is known as brainstorming. You have to select the most crucial part of your life to write. As it is difficult to decide but if you choose it, then it becomes more attractive.

Make outlines

When you have selected the most critical aspect of your life, then you had to make some outlines. These outlines will help you in framing your thoughts into an excellent essay. The framework also helps you in writing you’re a dissertation in sequence or a systematic way.

Writing an essay

The central aspect is writing appropriate content. For writing an essay, you need to follow the format of it.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Make a revised

After printing, you need to make a revise. It will help you in clearing all the mistakes. Read it again and again because it improves errors in your content.

These are some steps which you need to keep in mind while writing an essay for college application.