The myth of ‘I’ll be happy when…’

Very often I hear people say things like, “I can’t wait till…” or “I’ll be happy when”, or “it will all be OK as soon as”:… (tick any that apply to you):

Jaguar car

  1. I stop work
  2. The kids leave home
  3. We’re out shopping for clothes
  4. I’m on that beach in Turkey
  5. I’ve had my breasts enlarged / reduced
  6. I’m in the pub Continue reading “The myth of ‘I’ll be happy when…’”

Relative and absolute happiness

Nichiren Buddhism makes a really useful distinction between relative happiness and absolute happiness. Relative happiness is, say, when you have built a life that’s financially secure, with good relationships, satisfying work, and robust health. It’s the kind of happiness achieved to the highest degree by, for example, famous footballers, actors and other celebrities. The people who are fast-tracked through airports, or have red carpet access to the big shows, while the rest of us join the queue. The people we admire or are jealous of, or are happy for, or want to chop down to size, depending on our point of view or frame of mind.    cropped-sky-trees-large.jpg Continue reading “Relative and absolute happiness”