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People come to me with all sorts of challenges. Sometimes they feel they have ‘lost their mojo’ (it’s in there somewhere…), or feel confused or trapped or stressed or depressed. Sometimes the problem is more specific – career direction, relationships, body image, public speaking or work-life balance, to name just a few.

Whatever your goal, one thing is certain: there is always a way forward and you are the person who has it. Indeed the solution is always yours alone, just waiting to be discovered, somewhere within your own deep reservoir of wisdom.

That’s why I promise to listen to you, challenge you, believe in you, motivate you and help you discover solutions as unique as you.  I will sometimes be  firm with you – I find that people only make big leaps forward and lasting breakthroughs in their lives when they remove their own subconscious excuses for under-performance. The people who make the quickest progress are the ones who ‘do the work’ between sessions, rather than expecting me to wave a magic wand! This approach helped me win the prestigious ‘Life Coach of the Year’ Award from the world famous Coaching Academy. tca-winner-logo-2016

A typical session lasts between 45 minutes and one hour. After each one I send you a 500-600 word summary of insights, ‘light-bulb moments’, agreements you have made with yourself and actions you have committed to take.

David @ ICC hi-resMost people have big breakthroughs within 4 to 6 powerful sessions. Although I use some Buddhist principles in my work, I work with people of all faiths and none. I use a mixture of positive psychology techniques, including visualisation, mindfulness, CBT and NLP. I coach by Skype, phone and face to face (I live near Birmingham, UK). At the moment I have slots available per week to take on new clients. If you would like to sample a free 20 minute session with me, to see if you are in the ‘right place’ for coaching and if I would be the best coach for you, drop me a line at:  


PS. I am often asked: “Do you coach SGI members?” The answer is, “not all that often.” The reason? Because I encourage any SGI member interested in coaching to first try everything in the realm of faith to achieve a breakthrough (i.e. regular chanting, activities, study and guidance). If you have done all that and your daimoku still says that coaching might help you move forwards, then of course I would be very happy to support you.

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  1. Hi David, my partner has expressed an interested in becoming a Life Coach in the future – I wondered, how does one go about this? It’s not something I ever remember my school ‘careers officer’ ever mentioning! Thank you …

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